Art, matter and life are nothing but Energy. Energy was the first thing ever to exist in the known universe. The new Volvo V60‐ PLUg‐IN‐HybRId is the car industry’s answer to the fundamental challenge that the automobile has imposed on man since it’s first appearing in history: that is, the possibility to channel energy in order to obtain a motion that is both controlled and profitable for man. When it comes to Volvo, one of the most attentive car manufacturers in the field of innovation, one seeks to find new sources of clean energy supplies that allow the transport of persons and goods in full freedom and respect of the environment. A dream pursued by Leonardo da Vinci which is now a reality. To channel, store and utilize the cars same motion in order to produce other potential energy from kinetic energy. The very logic of the Volvo V60 Plug-in-Hybrid has proven to be a winner. For this same reason, when imagining Volvo’s exhibition hall, we decided to follow the same logic and give Volvo a valid “calling card”. This pavilion will simply and swiftly present the Volvo V60 Plug-in-Hybrid to the large public thanks to an idea that transmits it’s innovative message. The pavilion is named Aria and is characterized by a great geometrical simplicity and artistic impact. The pavilion will not only strike you visually, but also through an imprint in the soul. Aria represents the world that surrounds us, where the forces of nature are simple but at the same time enigmatic. They are benign if harnessed in a sustainable manner and by means of a technology that does not occlude, but integrates it. The wind, element of movement par excellence, is here crystallized in solid but sensitive forms, all in harmony with the car, which seems to be almost gently caressed by it. The Aria pavilion thus becomes the place of an event which is nearly fairytalelike, a show for the audience that is made partaker of a greater knowledge. At center stage is the car, tangible reality, free to take flight.


Name: Aria - Volvo Pavilion

Author: OFL architecture + Lash Up

Team: Francesco Lipari, Vanessa Todaro, Ilja Burchard, Golnaz Ebrahimi, Sebastian Di Guardo, Enrico Pieraccioli, Claudio Granato

Phase: International competition | Honorable mention

Client: Volvo

Location: Travelling

Dimensions: 40 sqm

Materials: Aluminuim

Year: 2013

Render: ©Francesco Lipari