New administrative building in Bolzano


The concept for the new building of the Province of Bolzano, born from a sculpture idea generated by the desire to establish continuity with the past of the city of Bolzano, is seen as a re-construction of memories, spirit of places and iconological transposition of the symbols of history of the architecture of the city.
From this ideological assumption, the innovative study carried out on the skin / facade of the new organism recalls one of the iconographic symbols of the city, the Duomo.
In fact, the trend of the ribs of the great vault’s “a crociera”, projected on the three naves, have permitted the extrapolation of the particular generator module of the new skin.


Name: New administrative building in Bolzano

Author: OFL architecture + Rabatanalab

Team: Francesco Lipari, Vanessa Todaro, Daniele Molinari, Rocco Salomone, Felice Allievi

Phase: International competition | Entry

Client: City of Bolzano

Location: Bolzano

Dimensions: 300 sqm

Materials: Steel, glass, wood

Year: 2011

Render: ©Francesco Lipari