BS Lab


The new BS Lab is a multidisciplinary and contemporary space dreamed by Salvo Belfiore and designed by Francesco Lipari that identifies itself as an innovative cultural hub for Catania. The whole space is characterized by a sequence of 22 Sicilian bronzed aluminium pillars that, thanks to 64 nodes with 3 different angles, it allows the space to be configured as an urban microhabitat. The project develops inside an interior of 85 square meters and, through 3 macro-areas, leading the visitor to live the store in new ways thanks to a sequence of experimental levels: the commercial area is talk friendly, the interactive area is family friendly and its service area.


Name: BS Lab

Author: Francesco Lipari / OFL Architecture

Client: Rooth srl

Location: Catania, Italy

Dimensions: 85 sqm

Realization: Biltech Solutions, Ristrutturazioni Catania, Nino Giuffrida, MPQ Impianti, Giuseppe Fiorito, Alfio Signorelli, Toscano Falegnameria, Planeta S.r.l., World Glass, Antonino Giuffrida, Grasso pietre e marmi, Costanzo

Materials: Aluminium, cocciopesto, gres, green wall, wood, cardboard

Year: 2019

Photo: Sara Scirè