Centro edile Andrea Palladio


A structural skin evoking nature, a large number of tree branches entwined to form a dynamic facade made of steel and glass, the steady rhythm of pointed arches at floor level reminiscent of Renaissance architectures, all lend to the Palladio Building Complex its ethical and emotional character. Steel and glass intermingle in something organic and dynamic which lets the building merge in total harmony with its location.
This is a building constantly adapting to the surrounding environment as it reflects and emphasizes its beauty by blending with it.
A first layer of “intelligent pipes” pushes the outside air inside the building, while a second layer of intelligent pipes utilizes rain water from the storm drains located on the roof and circulates it, like the roots of a tree, in all parts of the building.


Name: Centro Edile Andrea Palladio

Author: OFL Architecture

Team: Francesco Lipari, Vanessa Todaro

Phase: National competition | Entry

Client: Centro Edile Andrea Palladio

Location: Vicenza

Dimensions: 2000 sqm

Materials: Steel, green, glass, wood

Year: 2009

Render: ©Francesco Lipari