The development of the concept for Cibacco is the natural consequence of the story of the family Petito outside Italy. The restaurant is divided into three area, one dedicated to traditional Italian kitchen, especially from Naple, one to the office and an outside green area. The first one is composed with open dining an self service area and the second one is dedicated to people who want to eat in a more private and quiet atmosphere. The design of the interiors wants to preserve the industrial elements of the building, trying to mix them with a more familiar and domestic atmosphere: in this way, the metal frameworks of the living area are balanced by the wooden, "homely" furnishings sections; the basic and simple materials – wood, gres-tiles and wallpapers chosen for the finishing – give alos to the bistrot a detailed and sophisticated texture.


Name: Cibacco

Author: OFL architecture + Analogique

Phase: Proposal

Client: Petito

Location: Bruxelles

Dimensions: 250 sqm

Materials: Wood, steel, glass, green

Year: 2018

Render: ©Francesco Lipari