Emotional Bauci


Rapidly changing global scenarios force us to constantly reajust our nature and use our new energy to enable us to sort through and find the right certainties within an everyday life characterized by unexplored horizons and life perspectives. As a consequence of a long-term exposure to such an unprecedented and illegible condition made of changes, accelerations and enlargements – moreover in a short time frame – in human beings it can easily lead to a change in the pattern linked to brain and body activities that trigger a strong need for resilience. Emotional Bauci – Calvinian transposition of the research on the emotional cities conducted by Francesco Lipari of the OFL Architecture – aims to help us come to terms with change trying to stimulate the understanding of how living beings react to it. The work is configured as a “kinetic architecture of integration” through a happy coexistence of seemingly distant disciplines that, in their diversity, hybridize and evolve, becoming something else and, at the same time, triggering the dynamism of its mechanism thanks to a lively symphony of gears that, at the end, give a direct tribute to the work of Jean Tinguely.Waste materials derived from games and music, combined with plants, carillon and 3D printing, make Emotional Bauci a small, immersive and interactive work where the visitor has the opportunity to get in touch with the machine understanding its movement by activating a simple pedal for electric guitars.


Name: Emotional Bauci

Author: Francesco Lipari

Engineering: Gianfranco Di Carlo

Client: Antilia Gallery

Location: Bitonto, Bari

Dimensions: 20x20x40cm

Materials: Musical and gaming E-Waste, cardboard, plants, carillon and 3D printing

Year: 2018

Photography: ©Kassaro+Salvatore Giglia

Video: ©Salvatore Giglia/Rec Porter