Gösta Serlachius Museum


This project stems from the idea of a reinterpretation of the famous photo of Akseli Gallen-Kalle. We started to imagine our idea of the project’s shape from here. So we decided to create a continuity to the corridor by ramps, accessible to all, to visit the museum and at the same time to observe the landscape. The perspective changes quickly , because the ramps follow the level of the natural ground, and in the main area like the Travelling Exhibition , Assembly hall,Office and restaurant the ramp rises to give the visitor a different view. The continuity can be felt immediately, then the orientation becomes natural and instinctive. The Serlachius Museum Gösta Extension is imagined by us not as a static building , but as a sensitive and attentive presence. For this reason the extension is based on three points, as to preserve the environment and the historical memory of the place, so that the viewers can be involved in a journey that embraces the past, the present and the future by the contemporary exhibitions.


Name: Gösta Serlachius Museum

Author: OFL architecture + Rabatanalab

Team: Francesco Lipari, Vanessa Todaro, Daniele Molinari, Felice Allievi, Boris Prosperini, Marco Arciero, MANENS spa

Phase: International competition | Entry

Client: Centro Edile Andrea Palladio

Location: Vicenza

Dimensions: 5000 sqm

Materials: Steel, green, glass, wood

Year: 2011

Render: ©Francesco Lipari