London floating gallery


Contemporary architecture is clearly influenced by time and socio-political issues and it needs to maintain a direct dialogue with nature. We propose to base our design concept on a topography, a cut, a landscape; reinterpreting the idea of fluidity, whether in a liquid stage or a fixed ‘frozen’surface. Water is our inspiration. Water is life, breath, power, and above all things, beauty. The floating gallery takes all these elements, proposing a fluid exhibition space for recreational uses and contemplation; a city landmark, a landscape. The landscape, studied through an intensive survey of it’s vegetation and coloring, we have based our exterior exhibition space under the large possibility of varying the color scheme four times a year.


Name: London floating gallery

Author: Francesco Lipari, Stefano Rocchetti, Gabriel Belli Butler

Phase: International competition | Entry

Client: AA Architectural Association

Location: London, UK

Dimensions: 300 sqm

Materials: Wood, green, steel

Year: 2008

Render: ©Francesco Lipari