Locherber concept store


Locherber Store is born from the idea of creating a completely customized environment to emphasize the unique value, elegance and individuality of the Locherber products. The logo is used as an international language that everyone understands, as a tool that enables people to instantly recognize the brand, creating at the same time an architectural space. The shopping experience thus becomes a moment that is both unique and emotional. It 's like being inside a gallery where the Locherber products are displayed in a collection that fully embodies the dynamism, elegance and unmistakable charisma of the company. The dominant color is white in order to allow the nuances of the different fragrances to stand out. It was on these conditions that the Locherber Store was conceived, a young and innovative design approach allows the brand to be present and recognizable in the world, dictating the taste and imposing itself in the field of the latest trends in interior design. The design of the walls and ceiling is obtained by the repetition and the extrusion of the company logo. Such extrusion creates a series of exhibition display cases for cosmetics. Each display case is internally lit with LED lights. The counter at the center of the store, transforms the shopping experience into a unique moment. Each fragrance can be grasped and tested by the customer to make the best choice.


Name: Locherber 3D Store

Author: OFL architecture + Rabatanalab

Team: Francesco Lipari, Vanessa Todaro with Riccardo Mussati

Phase: Concept proposal + mockup

Client: Locherber

Location: Milan

Dimensions: 40 sqm

Materials: Steel, glass, wood

Year: 2013

Render: ©Francesco Lipari