The new parish church of Locri, that it is dedicated to Saint Giovanni Bosco young people’s father and master, it was born spontaneously from the territory, it is identified as a tall and capacious architecture, that it is the result of a natural dialogue with its historical, cultural and social contest. The architectural, artistic and liturgical choices focused on the need to improve the design quality of the spaces for the pastoral and recreational activities of the parish church, to make the new liturgical architecture a source of pride and moral redemption: a place of moral integration and of hospitality where you can gather your own community of faithful and celebrate the word of God all together.


Name: New church San Giovanni Bosco padre e maestro dei giovani

Author: Francesco Lipari

Artist: Davide Holz

Liturgist: Padre Luciano Calabrese

Consultants: Arup Italia Srl (structures, sustainability, acoustic, plant engineering), Giorgio Butturini (lighting)

Video: Gabro Nicolosi

Animation: Alberto Iacona

Render: Francesco Lipari

Location: Locri, Reggio Calabria

Client: Locri parish church

Area: 650 sqm

Year: 2019

Result: Second place