Pentagram is a little residential condominium in Favara. It’s a wooden complex which aims to add something new to the usual project of residential apartments especially in terms of quality and comfort of the single residences. The relationship between the different typological proposals conceived as a landscape made of full and empty spaces and the energetic innovations has allowed to direct our efforts to the innovation of the residential intervention model. One of the main characteristics of this architectural complex is that of not showing identical, repetitive residential typologies, but instead of offering different spaces. Each apartment is provided with wide loggia-balconies and terraces on each floor. Facades are rich of accurate details which give an idea of the inner heterogeneous subdivision. The external covering has been conceived with wooden slabs.


Name: Pentagram

Author: OFL architecture

Team: Francesco Lipari (project leader), Giuseppe Conti

Phase: Proposal

Client: Private

Location: Favara (AG)

Dimensions: 900 sqm

Materials: Wood, Steel, glass

Year: 2017

Render: ©Giuseppe Conti