Pine Up


Pine Up is the design of an innovative Christmas tree made of recyclable materials and interactive technologies for a complete emotional experience and contemporary charm. The whole planning idea of Pine Up is based on two concepts. The first is the contemporary reinterpretation of a design inspired by the cosmatesque pavement of the Cathedral of Syracuse, that results in a platform that supports the towering tree. This architectural element is above all "a square in the square" of 12m in width, that allows a perfect fruition of the central element creating at the same time a new meeting point for all citizens. The second is the material use of the pop-up technique that allows to define a wooden tree, 10 meters high, that will become a new icon of Christmas 2014 for the City of Syracuse. The entire project is conceived to be very easy to assemble and with an "auto constructive" methodology. The main material is a multilayer of wood, phenolic-bond marine pine that combines characteristics of economy and strength, which offers a good mechanical performance and a high resistance to moisture. The static stability of Pine Up, diagonally, is ensured by the geometry of the structure itself, whilst to contrast the effect of tilting lengthwise, the structure is supported at the base and at the highest extremity with long tubes of 5 cm in diameter opportunely braced. Pine Up is finally completed by a lighting and interactive project that will allow the citizens to interact with the installation through social channels thanks to Arduino. For example, by typing a keyword on Twitter (#treecicle red) the strips of neon can change color, thus triggering an empathetic interplay between citizens and public administration.


Name: Pine Up

Author: OFL architecture

Team: Francesco Lipari, Vanessa Todaro

Phase: National competition | Second prize

Client: City of Siracusa

Location: Siracusa

Dimensions: 50 sqm

Materials: Wood, Steel, green

Year: 2014

Render: ©Francesco Lipari