+O Columbarium


Planning a funeral building means designing an item which has a strong symbolic value. It means dealing not only with a specific area where it will be built, but especially with the spiritual values which belong to a community.
The design effort aimed to create an architecture that identifies a place and is at the same time being able to interpret a psychological situation almost suspended between life and death. Empty and full, light and dark alternate themselves according to the distinct roles of those deceased and those who go there to visit them. The project stands in contrast with the existing architecture, as well as the purity of the lines that define the volumes and their functions. Great importance has been given to the white colour that will allow its architecture to carve out a new identity in the surrounding agricultural landscape. All the niches are composed by special panels made in lightened concrete with a pattern of crosses and circles. Crosses identify the male; circles the female. They may be exchanged, niche by niche, according to the family’s needs and in order to respect the external façade. Each panel also features a LED strip that follows the drawing, replacing the usual perpetual light. The project is designed as a public area with benches and flower boxes in which users can put their essences in order to serve the whole columbarium.


Name: + O Columbarium

Author: OFL architecture

Team: Francesco Lipari, Vanessa Todaro, Marco Arciero, Angelo Alfano (Geologist), Luigi Longhi and DOF Engineers – Felice Allievi (Engineering)

Phase: Direct commission (project canceled for “negligence”)

Client: City of Campofranco (CL)

Location: Campofranco (CL)

Dimensions: 300 sqm

Materials: Steel, glass, wood

Year: 2012

Render: ©Francesco Lipari