New parish complex Redemptoris Mater Cinisi (PA)


The project for the new Redemptoris Mater parish complex of Cinisi (PA) was conceived as a little campus of religious faith. It is a singular entity of comfortably inhabitable spaces intimately related to each other. The strong spiritual impact of the complex arises from its dialog with its historical, artistic, and social context, and from the holistic deployment of architecture with fundamental building practices for people of today - as it does in the synergy between music and biology, between agriculture and sociology, and between psychology and religion. The result is a parish complex that stirs the emotions in order to regenerate the spirit of the faithful, citizens of the community-at-large, and visiting guests thanks to the dynamic spaces of varying vertical relationships, organized “symphonically” to assemble a self-sufficient village, experienced daily by today’s community, steadfast and extroverted, looking to the future with the certainty of God.


Name: Memoria

Architecture: Francesco Lipari / OFL Architecture

Team: Eleonora Menichelli, Luca Bullaro, Vanessa Todaro, Gabriel Belli, Sebastian Di Guardo, Ilja Burchard, Joshua Mackley, Elif Tan, Ludmilla Cohen

Liturgist: Suor M. Cristina Cruciani

Artist: Cesare Inzerillo

Structures: DOF Engineering

Lighting: Giorgio Butturini

Energetic strategies: Fabrizio Pizziconi

Acustic: Giancarlo Bianchi

Ceramics: Bevilacqua

Artistic glass: Gianni Lucchesi

Maquette: Lucchetti srl

3D optimization: Arturo Tedeschi

Formwork: Marco Tramajoni (Peri)

Concrete consultant: Luciano Padalino (Italcementi)

Client: Arcidiocesi of Monreale and Conferenza Episcopale Italiana

Area: 9000 sqm

Location: Cinisi (PA) - Italy

Year: 2015

Status: Second place, national invited competition in two phases

Credits video

Direction and script: Francesco Lipari

Narrator: Carla Carta

Original music: Gabriele Giambertone

Motion graphic: Lucio Coppa

Animations: Joshua Mackley

Environmental and drone shooting: Riccio Blu

Cutting: Andrea Pilia