New parish complex Santa Barbara


The new parish complex of Santa Barbara in Licata (Sicily) Is the winning project of the two stage competition launched by the Curia of Agrigento. It consists of an area conceived as a genuine emotional space, made up of perfectly intertwined elements coexisting in harmony. As building volumes are directly connected to outdoor spaces, the compound may be seen as a self-sufficient urban microcosm: a campus devoted to faith, deeply connected to the local community and its history, a place to be experienced in its markedly spiritual, artistic and ritual nature. The project is based on a contemporary territorial and anthropological research focusing on the creation of solid, structured communities open to the eyes of the beholder and to the outside world. The Greek-cross building layout alternating convex and linear spaces derives from the historical development of church archetypes.


Name: New parish complex Santa Barbara

Author: Francesco Lipari, Lillo Giglia, Giuseppe Conti

Team (construction drawings): Filippo Giglia, Alberto Iacona, Felix Kai Dorl, Martina La Corte, Kjeld Piscopo

Team (competition): Veronica Cammilleri, Giusy Vullo

Consultants: Calogero Palumbo Piccionello (structures), Antonio Milia (plant engineer), Tony Vetro

Client: Parrocchia di Santa Barbara Licata (AG)

Location: Licata, Agrigento

Area: 2500 sqm

Materials: Concrete, wood, steel

Year: 2016 - 2021

Photography: ©Kassaro+Salvatore Giglia

Video: ©Salvatore Giglia/Rec Porter