Silk Road Map Evolution


SRME. Silk Road Map Evolution is a project conceived from the desire to re-establish and rebuild the current Silk Road line through a social, economic, political and architectural rehabilitation of the old Silk Road line. The New Silk Road line becomes a driving force for the economy of small urban realities. It is a new idea of urban sprawl (linear) where the bigger city helps the small cities.
It is a project that strongly integrates architecture and infrastructures through a new gravity main railway line following the current Silk Road line that runs from Venice to Xi’an trough several countries extending its “arms” through an infrastructure network, commercial services and new housing aiding luckless economic realities. The 15,000 km of the Silk Road Line will be interrupted by several bionic towers constituting the new conurbation’s core, while new cities composed like routes will run from the main branch (the main Silk Road line) hooking small disadvantaged and far cities. This system will work like a pump flowing the new Silk Road line economic lifeblood to the small disadvantaged cities of the world.
Silk Road Map Evolution is a global city for the future based on the idea of designing a set of highly differentiated sustainable and habitable towers. These living small worlds are organized into vertical and rounded skyscraper according to program, habitants and its relationship with the railway line and the natural world. Silk Road map evolution consists of two urban bio-ecological integrated systems developed respectively in vertical and horizontal. The first element, the complex of towers, is composed of three different types of skyscrapers that grow upright for an average height of 400 m.
The second element, the Silk Road railway system, is the main line of the Silk Road and serves as a line of commercial transport with trains travelling on new railways lines based on gravitational polarized fields merging the East with the West.
The outer skin of the entire complex, towers + tunnel, consists of a unique and innovative system made by an high level green concrete based on titanium dioxide that can significantly reduce air pollution and, through a synthetic chlorophyll, generate photo catalytic reaction producing clean air for an amount of 500M litres of oxygen per day.


Name: Silk Road Map Evolution

Author: OFL architecture + Rabatanalab

Team: Francesco Lipari, Vanessa Todaro, Luigi Greco, Andrea Debilio, Alejandro Liu Cheng (parametric design consultant)

Phase: International competition | First place

Client: ICE and New Italian Blood

Location: Via della Seta

Dimensions: 5000 sqm

Materials: Steel, green, glass, wood

Year: 2010