Superhero proposes a set of item-cells composed of auto-built repetitive components. Among them, the relation, in addition to the one that binds modules that arise as deviation from a basic archetypal system, is a kind of urban-scale game. In this game the elements follow and regroup themselves in a single final round, “Big Brother”, when the game or event (as you prefer), ends. Each Superhero module can be compacted into a cardboard box of 1 cubic meter. PVC Modular components, tubes and connectors, suitably mounted, are the fundamental framework of each module. On these modules will be stretched canvases or cotton yarn that will make up an area of an organic and fluid type, outlining it like a tent due to tension and stretching of soft surfaces over the skeleton of the structure. Ease of assembly and multifunctionality the system allows for the creation of halls for exhibiting and selling very cheap and easily assembled modules, without the need of complex operations, which may be used multiple times, transported and re-assembled in places able to contain them due to their size.


Name: Superhero / Street Fest NY

Author: OFL architecture

Team: Francesco Lipari, Vanessa Todaro, Riccardo Mussati, Ilja Burchard, Golnaz Ebrahimi, Sebastian Di Guardo, Riccardo Zingaro (Engineering), Alberto Serra, Marcello Cualbu

Phase: International competition | Entry

Client: New Museum

Location: New York

Dimensions: 500 sqm

Materials: Steel, fabric

Year: 2013

Render: ©Francesco Lipari