Taichung Cultural Center


The concept of the project is derived from several important considerations at multiple scales, from the site itself to the City of Taichung and the country of Taiwan. After analyzing the city’s architectural and historical heritage, it was clear that the we would focus on a very strong statement in form and thought: the conceptual idea of the interaction with the Taichung Gateway Park and the city itself. It is important that the dialectic between Nature (park) and Art (building) gets a prioritized, symbolic gesture. We decided to create an infinite view, a proposal which will lead the Park into the endless sky. The facade facing towards the park is a tilted wall at a 45-degree angle, coming out of the ground like a crust of earth after a seismic impact. The pattern of this façade contributes to both the outside and inside of the Building with many openings that transfer light into the building by day and create a light sculpture for the Park by night. Contributing to the Park and to the „infinite park“ idea is an irregular green pattern on the façade which symbolizes the transformation from park into a building. The façade towards the street/plaza will give a completely different expression; it will symbolize the connection to the city by adapting the character of 7 skyscrapers, and the structure of the façade transforms the city grid into a spectacular iconic statement. And last but not least an iconic connection is created between the Taiwan Tower and the TCCC. People will have their focus on both great architectonical elements and it will keep the attraction high for this future development project.


Architecture: OFL Architecture + KDF Architects

Engineering: Buro Happold NY

Team: Francesco Lipari, Vanessa Todaro, Ilja Burchard, Felix Kai Dorl, Joshua Mackley, Claudio Granato, Gustav Fagerstrom

Client: Taichung Cultural Center

Area: 60.000 sqm

Location: Taichung

Year: 2013

Render: ©Francesco Lipari