TFK Selfridges Pop Up Store


TFK Selfridegs store has been fully designed and made in Italy, the project aims to create a deeply customized space emphasizing the exclusive and elegant value of TFK.
Logos are used as an international language, as something easy understandable, as a tool to instantly recognize the brand, but also as strong project’s signs rising up a unique architectural space.
The shopping experience will then become emotional. As inside an art gallery, white is the main color, and the TFK products will be exhibited as a collection that shows off the dynamism, the elegance and the charisma of the brand.
Designed as a traveling pop-up store, the entire structure has been made with modular elements made of iCover®, to create an entirely customizable and reconfigurable space, according to future needs of the brand and of the contexts.
Vanishing, flow analysis, compression forces are the generating codes of a project / installation that using just 8 cubic meters available in the background, aims to achieve an almost sculptural and scenographic volume; visible from afar, generating a centripetal force able to get the attention of the visitors even during the rush hour inside the mall.
The remaining available volume, being used for equipment and service’s furnishings, is almost free. Its space is characterized by a subtle geometric pattern to remark the space and placement of flexible furnishings.


Name: TFK Selfridges Pop Up Store

Author: OFL architecture + ZO_loft

Team: Francesco Lipari, Vanessa Todaro and Paolo Emilio Bellisario

Phase: International competition | Entry

Client: TFK

Location: London UK

Dimensions: 40 sqm

Materials: iCover, mdf, high density polystyrene, vinyl resin

Year: 2013