Venus Tower


The design for the master plan and the 450m tower of the city of Incheon stems from a single moment, an inspiration, hence, a rediscovery and re-interpretation of a masterpiece: Botticelli’s Birth of Venus, reinterpreting the act of birth as the birth of a new city that rises from a large body of water and a rich blend of cultural diversity. The concept express a sense of fluidity and flexibility throughout the tower, yet to propose not just a landmark for Incheon but an ever changing sign, an image that represents the city and its instances. The inner life of the tower is projected on its outer facade characterized with strong visual morphosis and colorful transitions. Fluidity is also expressed through form on the upper, more flexible spaces of the tower, such spaces as the auditorium, the rock climbing wall, and the “zero gravity zone” where people may take a moment to challenge the laws of space, time and weight. This double skin envelop has been carefully crafted to give the building an almost fluid appearance of soft transition from concave and convex, from transparent to opaque.


Name: Venus Tower

Author: Francesco Lipari, Stefano Rocchetti, Gabriel Belli Butler

Team: Enrico Falchetti, Anna Griesi

Client: City of Incheon

Location: Incheon, South Korea

Dimensions: 120.000 sqm

Materials: Concrete, glass, steel, wood

Year: 2008

Render: ©Francesco Lipari