X Project


X is a revolutionary idea with the aim of generating a new vision that shapes the future of our cities. X is an “overcity”, a thin infrastructural layer over the actual city that analyzes and instantly cure it. It’s able to change its DNA, making the city dynamic and responsive to temporal changes. X is the response to those people shocked from a compromised future that was not attending the way they expected and producing an anachronism which leads them toward a new past. X deeply integrates cars, infrastructure and architecture producing a revolutionary cooperation between human being and a super mechanized city. This is to be accomplished by means of a social, economic, political and architectonic redevelopment of the historic plan of the cities

background / X is settled in the future of Rome, in the year 2150. During the past three centuries there have been radical changes to the human species that has adapted and evolved. In particular, due to the absence of gravity and to the Space Adaptation Syndrome (SAS), mankinds reinvented their way of living especially concerning mobility.

infrastructure / X is structurally designed as a city that can sustain itself through an X system, where in one axis is installed the living and housing part and in the other axis the technology. They’re bionic buildings that represent the center of the new conurbations.

mobility / In the X city small or long term travels can be planned through an interconnected system that allows you to type on super screens your departure date and, in a personal automatically driven vehicle, enjoy the tranquility of your own space in a urban environment completely missing of traffic and parking problems.


Name: X project

Author: OFL architecture

Team: Francesco Lipari, Vanessa Todaro, Luigi Greco, Emmanuele Johnatan Pilia

Phase: International competition | Entry

Client: BMW

Location: Rome

Year: 2012

Render: ©Francesco Lipari